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I remember the first time I joined a group at school and met Nycole. From there our bond started to flourish. We always did weekly and monthly check in on our mental and discussed areas of support when needed. I was struggling in my research class and she put a meeting together with her old research professor. I am so blessed to have met a beautiful soul like her. I ended up passing the class with a good grade because of her! 

Beautiful Nature


Nycole, is so inspiring and has warm personality! I am so thankful for her continuous support day in and day out. Nicole's dedication to the COC group is remarkable and she is great at collaboration. She is always a phone call, ZOOM, email, or text away. She has helped me grow so much especially during the school year and finding my voice. Nycole will push you out of your comfort zone and would always let me know, she is right there supporting me wholeheartedly. 


Debra Koeberlein

Nycole is an amazing person and life coach. She provides the right mix of inspiration and perspiration. She not only inspires me to be a better person, but she motivates me and pushes me to consistently put in the work needed to meet my goals. Nycole inspired me to go back to school to pursue my MSW and keeps me going even when I'm ready to give up.


Camille Banks Lee

Nycole is amazing and dynamic individual who embodies wisdom and practical advice. I have watched her transform and create opportunities for social justice and building community. She is so thoughtful and considerate about supporting others. To know her is to love her!

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